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I'm looking at buying a used Mac to setup as a server.
I currently have an old iMac G3 350MHz running as the server. I upgraded the HD and RAM, but since it's got the CRT built in (which I don't use) it's kinda bulky.

I was hoping to get a used cube somewhere, but they're all pretty expensive still.
I found a bare-bones (no HD or RAM) B&W G3 450MHz tower for around $200 US (19,800 yen). I'm thinking that would be ok to have.

What are your suggestions?
Keep looking for a used cube for less than $400 US?
Buy the G3 tower?

I don't need a HD or RAM... Heck, I don't even need a CD-ROM for now either... Just bare-bones (case, MB, CPU...)

If I go with the G3 tower, I may want to upgrade the CPU to a G4 someday with one of the upgrade kits.
nothing here, move along...
nothing here, move along...