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You know, flash memory prices have been continuing to drop for years. The problem is that hard drive prices have been dropping at least as fast, and the tricks that the drive makers are using to make smaller and denser drives are good for at least a couple of orders of magnitude of improvement. In other words, the issue isn't whether flash memory will be up to the task, the issue is whether hard drives will continue to be a consistently better value.

If you think of iPod as "Your Life - To Go" and think about what sort of capacity would be required to really make that happen (bring your music, photos, documents, movies, app prefs and bookmarks; possibly even your account!) the significantly higher capacity and significantly lower cost/GB will favor hard drives for a very, very long time. Flash will take over the current low end (the mini) when it becomes able to store 1,000 songs economically.

While I agree with your post, I would argue that this may happen sooner than we might think. For example, Lexar 512MB Jump Drives are currently selling for around $70CND, the iPod Mini goes for around $350CND. The gap was significantly larger even a year ago.

I think it's going to be very, very interesting to see the storage capacity of Apple's forthcoming flash-based iPod.