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Hi all,

I was trying to add a 256mb module to my iMac tonight. I got this new module from my dad, who just got himself his first Mac, in his case a Mac-Mini. I told him he should upgrade the memory before even bringing it home (as well as getting himself the airport/bluetooth thing installed...), and so he ended up taking home the 256mb module that was in the Mini before the upgrade. There is a sticker on the ram, and I thought it looked like it had the same specifications as my iMac's ram, and I got online to see just to be sure, and as far as I could tell it's the same type of memory. I now see one number that's slightly different, but I don't know what it means actually. The parts that are the same: PC3200U, 256MB, DDR, 400mhz, CL3. The only difference I saw was that one says PC3200U-30330 where the other says PC3200U-30331-A1. Is this a significant difference?

I did try installing this second module already, and the iMac started up normally enough, and I opened System Profiler and it showed it as having 512mb, but then I started up The Sims and it didn't run more than a couple minutes before switching back to the desktop and telling me that the application had quit. I started it back up, and it froze this time. I turned it all off, then back on, and I tried starting Sims again but this time it froze before it even got through those first few pop-ups of the studios, and then the CPU fan started running faster/louder than I've ever heard it.

I tried the new module by itself just to see what would happen, but that was no good, BUT then I put my original module back in just to be back to normal, but then the computer made some odd beeps and the screen didn't even come on when I turned it on. I opened it back up and reseated the memory and now it's working, but.... I dunno, should this new MacMini module not work in this iMac G5??