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From what Ive read, software developers are actually happy about the switch to Intel.
I still need to decide wether to get a Mini on the next revision, or wait until Intel goes inside.
I have gotten over the news however.
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Originally posted by BrunoBruin
Isn't it the case that only certain FILTERS in Photoshop utliize Altivec? And that's why Steve always chose those filters for those nutty G4 bakeoffs he used to do at keynotes?

I've been dithering about a new computer for home, and after yesterday I thought I'd just sit tight for a while, but I am now seriously thinking about jumping on a 20-inch iMac. They're a good value, and it will last me three years, by which time the transition should be sorted out. I'd be in a different frame of mind if new machines were coming in six months, but I think the G5 models will be replaced last, so it might well be two years before we see a next-generation iMac.

I was just about ready to buy the 20" iMac when Steve broke the news. I've been seriously evaluating the pros & cons. Wait for another year and a half for a "Rev. A" Macintel? I'm not a professional user. I don't need the Mac for work so it seems to make sense to wait. But does it? Will this be a seamless transition? I don't know but maybe, just maybe there will be problems we can't even predict. So, my strategy now is to wait for Mac Expo in Boston next month. Steve blew his wad at WWDC. What will he say at Mac Expo? Well, if he decides to make nice and announce an across the board discount to keep sales coming in and ward off the retreat of prospective buyers, then I will buy. Steve's supposed to be a marketing wiz. OK, do your magic.
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I bought a latest rev eMac on the Sunday before the announcement. Am I pissed off that it will be obsolete in 12 months? Hell no!

Macs have always held their value and I believe that will continue even after the transition to Intel CPUs. Hell, who knows, maybe the G4 & G5 machines will be highly sort after once Intel is inside every new Mac.

But if I'd bought a PC it would definitely be obsolete in 12 months and worth 1/3rd the new price.

Looking in the classifieds I see G3 iMacs selling for what I'll be lucky to sell my 2 year old 1.8Ghz AMD PC for. And is the G3 supported by Apple? Nope.

It's been said several times in all of the posts; It's OS X that makes Apple computers great.

I upgrade every 3 years. By the time Apple stops supporting the IBM CPUs it'll be years after I upgrade anyway.

I'm not losing sleep about this decision.
Beware of Trojans, they're complete smegheads - Dave Lister.
Beware of Trojans, they're complete smegheads - Dave Lister.
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Originally posted by I hate Apple NOW
I'll keep my G4, I will hate it when 10.5 (leopard?) comes out and doesn't support the PPC platform. I also expect that many ISVs won't support it either.

Let's see.... When 10.5 Leopard is released probably 95% or more of all Macs will be PPC machines. At $129 a pop, I don't think Apple is going to throw away the opportunity to sell to 95% of the potential market for an OS upgrade. But that's just my crazy logic.
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this is just wonderful
i love macs, but i have one, only one program that requres windows and internet explorer i have a dell and my wife has a g4 .9 i couldn't justify getting a pb for me since i would have to buy VPC .....but now i can get a dual core pb and then load windows on it.

i'm in hog heaven, now instead of getting a dell to ibm replacement to improve battery life and get built in wifi i

we will get dual core pb this way before we could get a g5 pb from ibm.

this puts pressure on MS since people can get mac os and hardware probably cheaper, faster, better battery life than presently and add windows without using MS VPC
talk about an elegant solution. remember all those that wanted apple to include an emulation program with os 10??? now it's even better\
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