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New DivX program!

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<a href="http://www.divx.com/divx/" target="_blank">http://www.divx.com/divx/</a>

Check it out! The initial release of a new divX decoder for the Mac. Mind you, it's an alpha. Personally, I'm not gonna touch it for another month or two; I'll let someone else be the ginuea pig.

Anywhoo, this seems to be a standalone player. Much better than the current mac DivX decoding system, which involves Windows Media Player 6.3 whikch is very rare, and a finicky, crashy DivX Player


1) Is it free?
2) Can it handle large/long movies?
3) Do I have to convert my porno collection to yet another flavor ofvideo to use this&gt;?
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It's not a program, it's a quicktime program meaning that both in osx and os9 the divx's will open in quicktime.

However, currently the VBR mp3s don't work properly, causing 90% of all divx's to not have sound with this version.

This is apple's fault and according to divx.com, they are working on a resolution.

If you want to watch your pr0n and movies, I suggest in osx use getmp3 from jamby and then just fix the sound.
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