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Word X Diving Me Insane!

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Well up until now i have had no problems with office X, it suits my needs and far more.

Today i have been working in Word with very large tables (30+ rows by 15 columns). The app unexpectedly quits itself constantly, and it is driving me insane.

Has anyone else had this problem. Any work arounds??
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No current workaround or alternative that I know of.

However, My bet's on <a href="http://okito.net/composer" target="_blank">Okito Composer</a> to deliver a very competent WP experience to X in the very near future. Right now, it's got the basics done well, and will soon be adding almost all of Word's features.

Great example of the power of Cocoa and Services.

(Plus, it looks purty like OmniWeb )
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Wow looks like a great app with tonnes of potential. It certainly has the potential to replace Word...the only question is how long it will take to implement the features they have planed.
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Seriously. That's what I call elegant design. If the 1.0 version has all the primary formatting and file import / export capabilities the average writer needs, I'm all over it. I don't use half of MS Word's functionality as it is. For me all I need is:

A Sleek interface with basic tool set
A robust spell checker
Standard set of text formatting options
Simple table editor with sufficient formatting options
Good Import / Export (including image types)
And the ability to easily created outlines, TOC, Footnotes and the like.
Good print formatting options

That and stability. The rest I couldn't care less about.
Aldo is watching....
Aldo is watching....
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