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More upgrade card questions

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Okay guys.

I have another question for you. I appreciate everyone who has contributed already.

What do you think the difference in peformance really would be in a Powerlogix dual 1.2 Ghz upgrade card versus a dual 1.7 Ghz card?

I know it is a 40% increase in CPU speed but for these upgrade cards, isn't there a bottleneck in the bus speed (100 Mhz for my Sawtooth G4)? I was thinking that there might be dimishing returns for the CPU because it is bottlenecked anyway....

My brother wants to play games on this machine - specifically, he wants to try to play World of Warcraft.

Do you think the dual 1.7 Ghz upgrade card would see much bigger improvements in performance for this game than a dual 1.2 to justify the extra $170 in price?

Thanks, in advance.

-Dr. Bimane

P.S. I ordered a 128 MB ATI RADEON 9000 video card so that might factor in the equation.
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Many games does not benefit from dual CPUs so I would go for a single CPU not dual. So a single CPU be it non L3 at 1.8 GHz or a slower with L3 for about 400 dollars

If you want to spend 170 dollar try to find if anyone has the old ATI 9800 Mac edition that does work in 2xAGP OWC has them backorded and ATI doe not sell them anymore but those 120 dollars more compared to the 9000 is well spend if you run games above 1024x7688)

If you pay for both a video card like the 9000 and then a dual CPU you will pay more than for a miniMac that will as good as that old rig...
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