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The new Mac will be...

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the 25th anniversary Mac
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maybe even a 25th anniversary MAC that's a G5 running at 2.5ghz.
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My 1st post, so 'Hi to everyone!'....I've lurked for longer than I care to mention, but todays Apple homepage has taunted even me to start speculating!

I wasn' hopeful for a new PowerMac after yesterdays Apple homepage...I thought a 'breakthrough' digital device or 2 and a few iApps.

But, Today, a DIRECT reference to a new/upgraded Mac. For me, there are only afew options left, as I assume that the new iMac unless it is loaded with a G4(s), 15-17' LCD, DDR and a Superdrive will not be sufficient a prouct to merit the hype...so;

At least Dual 1ghz processors on all the Powermacs with a range topper of Quad 867s...(probably higher...1ghz!) G4s with DDR and new goodies (gigawire etc)...that would surely be beyond the hype...and pretty damn awesome! However, if they did see the light of day, I dread the prices on these things..it would kind of be a backwards step if they cost 5 times as much as competitiors machines....


The only other option (my preferred one) is a G5. Running at 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6+ DDR included et al...all for the same price, or cheaper than the current powermac lineup.

Or a dual G5 as a range topper...that would have my money within seconds of being announced, jeez, even if they wanted me to walk over hot coals and broken glass to pick it up, I would still run!

Utilisation of the G5 would fee up the G4 for iMac usage...they have no problems with production quantities and cost of lower speed G4s, so why not a dual G4 533 imac to go along with a superdrive? I've heard (on the boards in the last few days) $1800 prices bandied about....effectively a dual G4 superdrive machine for that money would even look pretty cheap...BUT it still wouldn't threaten Powermac sales!

Dreamland I know....but one things for sure, there would still be OS X speed complaints

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