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Quicktime Streaming

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Is there a way to save a Quicktime Streaming?

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[quote]Originally posted by carahuevo:
<strong>Is there a way to save a Quicktime Streaming?


save from the streamer's side or the consumer desktop side. from the streamers side, you can save. if you use sorenson broadcaster for realtime streaming, you can save the stream for on-demand later on.

from the desktop, many people stream so users wont infringe on their copyright. after all, many content creators spend money to create and stream but get little if any revenue. one can "capture" the stream and save using a capture program for QT but the quality will degrade. many content creators on high end are watermarking and embedding an identifying in their content. if you reposted that content on your site wo permission, that would be ethically wrong--esp for the smaller content creator.
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give the stream you want to save and we may be able to help. it's an involved process
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