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Migration assistant help?

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(Tried posting this before and the post got mostly eaten -- retrying...)

Hello all-

I currently have a G4 Power Mac, and I've just purchased a slightly used G5 Power Mac on eBay; I've ordered a bigger internal hard drive for the second drive bay and am waiting on that before I start using it. I am planning on using the Migration Assistant to move my old user data and applications over from the old Mac to the new. I've never used the Migration Assistant before so I'd appreciate any words of wisdom from those who have done so.

The thing that is keeping the process from being totally straightforward is iDVD. Basically, my old Mac doesn't have a DVD burner, and thus didn't come with iDVD; the new one does, and thus did. I'm assuming that the only way to get iDVD without shelling out for iLife (which I have no real desire to do) is to use the system restore disks that came with the G5. However, my guess is that there's no way to get iDVD off of those disks without doing a total system install. Also, if I use Migration Assistant to move my apps over, what happens to the existing apps? Essentially, I want my Applications folder to be just like the one currently on my old Mac, but to have iDVD in it. Any advice anyone has would be helpful.

Anyway, here is my current plan of action:

1. Install the new drive in the empty drive bay.

2. Use the system restore disks that came with the G5 to install a clean version of OS X 10.3.5 (this was the current version when the G5 was sold) on the G5's new hard drive; set up a single admin user with a name different from any of the users on my old Mac.

3. Wipe the G5's original hard drive.

4. Use my Tiger install disks and Software Update to upgrade the OS on the G5's new drive to the most current version possible.

5. Use Migration Assistant to import all of the users and the applications from the old Mac.

6. Upgrade one of the newly imported users to Admin, and then erase the original admin user.

7. Wipe the hard drives on my old Mac; put a fresh install of OS X 10.3 on it from my boxed Panther set (Tiger is too slow on the old Mac, and plus I'm using my license for the new one).

Anyone who's used Migration Assistant in the past, I'd love to hear if you think that this is a good idea!
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I haven't ever used migration assistant before, so I can't help with that, but I can tell you that Pacifist should be able to help you install iDVD from the G5 discs without doing a full system install/restore.

Your plan sounds like a good one assuming that the migration assistant works how one would expect.
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it's = it is / it has, its = belonging to it.
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The migration assistance is great. Your 3rd or 4th window when you start up will ask you if you want to install items from an older mac. They then ask you what you want to import, apps, documents etc. All are selected by default. Start up you old mac in target mode (firewire attached) and let it go from there. Depending on how much stuff you have on the older machine it might take about an hour or so. It copies everything and you don't have to do all the serial numbers again for your apps. Only thing I have had to do is remove duplicate apps and redo some of the items in the dock. It use to take days to get everything installed and up just like before, this is one of the best apps ever.

I have not used Pacifist so I don't know about how well it works. What I would do is:
1. Use Restore disk
2. Install Tiger
3. Use Migration Assistance

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