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flash 6...

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...is floating around on carracho servers. anyone try it yet? how's the interface and how's it look in osx? what about performance, as slow as 5, worse? what new actionscript features are there?

i've been waiting for the osx version for a long time now since v5 in classic is horrid, so any feedback/screenshots would be awesome.
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Multimedia schools say it should ship on March 21st!
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Its sweet! the UI is more like that of Fireworks 4 mixed with a load of new features, such as collapsable tool windows (ala finder) much better gradient support., a Dreamweaver-like properies editor (YAY) advanced actionscript editor.. and a host of other changes..

the most notable new feature imho is the ability to dynamically load new content (like.. an MP3 file, or a JPG) on the server rather than integrated into the file.. thus making files smaller!

last note: don't ask me where to get it or how i got it.. i didnt.. i saw a friend who works for macromedia show it to me (identity also undisclosed)

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no problem, i've actually since got my hands on it and am really excited. i've only had about five minutes to play but the interface is a HUGE improvement over flash 5. the palettes are very nice and clean, have been consolidated better and are a lot easier to get out of the way. they did a wonderful job assimilating it into the osx interface as well.

a nice new feature (for any of you who have had to create a form in flash) is the addition of user interface widets...things like checkboxes, pulldown menus, text fields...basically any html form object is now available in flash with a huge amount of methods for each.

also, i noticed actionscript calls for various multimedia devices such as video camera integration and microphone integration...

also there's now the ability to have external script files by pulling a "#include file.as" call.

new object distort options such as sheering and perspective distort...features that flash was lacking in (might still be, i haven't put them to use yet)

the dynamic mp3 and gif/jpg support is absolutely awesome...though i could've used it on a recent project that functioned as an mp3 player of sorts...pre making a bunch of swfs with embedded mp3s was a pain in the ass...

anyway, if anyones interested, i could probably post some screenshots, though i'm sure they'll show up on think secret within the next few days since this beta is finally leaked all over the place.
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I was seriously considering downgrading to v4 just because the palettes were such a hassle to use.

Its at times like this that you see the power of the Windows user base. Search for Flash on the windows side of download.com and see the good Flash utilities like 'save Flash in page'; 'extract files from .swf', 'userinterface improver '(this is the best one) and 'unprotect .swf'. And close to nada for mac. I had to resort to 2 monitors for the PB Pismo.
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[quote]Originally posted by ameat:
<strong>anyway, if anyones interested, i could probably post some screenshots, though i'm sure they'll show up on think secret within the next few days since this beta is finally leaked all over the place.</strong><hr></blockquote>

Oh yes pleaaase post screenshots ! Flash is the app I want for OS X and I cannot wait any longer.
Screenshots on themox.net have disappeared and there is none on thinksecret.
I wonder how is the new interface !
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I heard flash 6 was significantly faster... true?
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alright, if anyone would like to volunteer hosting, i can email you some screenshots. i don't want the responsibility of high bandwidth (which i know will happen) or the risk of hosting beta/pirated software screenshots (i don't care if it's "technically" not illegal, i'm not doing it)...

so, any volunteers?

also, corvette, i haven't used it long enough or seriously enough to tell whether it's faster, alongside with the fact that i'm running it on an aging lombard 400.
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Flash 6 player is ana amzing leap forward faster. Movies on a 450mhz G4 which used to play at 300mhz P2 speed, now rock along at close to 900mhz P3 speed. A fantastic speedup (OS9 is a lil faster than OSX tho)

And the aopp owns
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do you know if the new player fixes that dumb bug where the mac player only plays back at certain frame rates (ie. 59 fps plays at 30fps)?

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yes Ric I believe it does.

The UI rocks, but I just don't like the new properties thing. It consolodates so much into one pallete - however its ONLY viewable as a big thing at the bottom of the screen, as opposed to a side panel. meaning my window height just went down significantly.

But its pretty cool. Its the whole sound/tween/movie properties/events thing all in one (depending on where u click, it changes)

Alround flash 6 is ****ing cool!
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