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Hello everyone, I am near positive my problem here lies within my car stereo system, but maybe someone can help.

I have a 5G iPod and a brand new monster tape adapter to use in my car, every now and then my car spits out the tape, and on the display (of the car stereo) it says E10, which I can only imagine is an error code...when it spits out a super scratched CD it says E20.

SO, what is causing this? When the tape adapter is working it works beautifully, but all of a sudden out of no where it spits it out for no good reason. At least with a CD you can kind of see it coming, it will start to skip and hiccup a bit and eventually give up. The tape adapter on the other just spits out the tape with no warning.

I have gotten the tape adapter to work for a long time, even days sometimes, and sometimes it only spits out the adapter once a day, but USUALLY once it spits it out once it's all downhill from there and the tape only stays in for 10 seconds at a time.

In an effort to troubleshoot this I have tried a few things.

First of all, I thought that because of the gain staging there could be a volume overload causing the error, so I experimented with different volumes on the ipod, and on my stereo, and it didn't change a thing. Then I unplugged the adapter from the iPod and just let it play nothing in the stereo. The results are so sporadic it is hard to tell if that was the problem, I thought it was, but it eventually spit the tape back out at me.

So, it seems logically that the problem is my tape player in my car (which is a very well maintained car 2001 LeSabre). The same thing happens in my friends car with his ipod and tape adapter, before I shell out money on a tap cleaner I want to know if anyone has had this problem and how they fixed it.

sorry for being long winded and thanks again!