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Hard Drive has disappeared

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I recently upgraded to Tiger 10.4.3. I have a FW Hard drive that I use for backup of my complete system. After using Tiger for about a month I decided to clone it to my FW Hard drive where I previously had Panther 10.3.9.

I used Disk Utility to erase my FW HD. Then I repaired permissions and used DeJa Vu to clone my internal HD to the FW HD. Everything went smoothly. I tried booting up using the FW HD and it booted just fine. I repaired permissions and then used System Preferences and selected my internal HD as the startup disk.

When I restarted there was no Hard Drive showing in my Finder Side Bar even though I have it selected to do so. I checked show HD on the desk top and it won't show up there either.

How do I get my Hard Drive back in the Side Panel? I should also add that my FW HD doesn't show up in the Side Bar either. I can see it in Disk Utility and I can select it in System Preferences Startup Disk and I can boot up using the FW HD too it just won't show up in the Side Bar.

Another weird thing is that if I select a folder or application and go to GetInfo it just says /Applications etc. I used to say HD/Applications/ etc. Now when I boot with either my HD or FW HD and select a folder and GetInfo it does not show HD/ or FW HD/

Anyone know what's going on here. I've repaired permissions, run Disk Utility on both HD and FW HD and it shows no problem. Have also run TechTool Pro 4.1.1 on both and it says everything is OK.

Thanks in advance,

I've also done a search for my HD by name and search shows nothing.

UPDATE: I have determined that both my internal and FW HD's are in-fact invisible. I can make them visible by using a utility to make all files Visible.

Both drives a seen by Disk Utility and Startup Disk preference panel. I can boot from both drives with no problem.

I've run Repair Permissions from the HD and from the Tiger Install Disk.

Have also used Disk Utility to repair disk by booting into each drive and checking the no boot drive.

As I said TechTool Pro reports no problems either.

Have also deleted the Finder and SideBar .plist files with no change in behavior.

Hope some genius can figure out how to make my drives visible again.
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Problem solved. A kind soul provided the Terminal Command to return my HD's to their rightful position in the SideBar.
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