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Originally posted by Cory Bauer
If Adobe was smart, they would come on stage during Steve's WWDC keynote and announce the immediate availabiliy of a public beta of CS3. It's the least they could do for their customers, since we not only have to wait another 8 months for the CS3 release, but have to pay for it too. Adobe has had over a year now to be working on Universal Binaries of their applications, and they don't have a single one out the door yet.

i don't know about a public beta, but i definitely do think Adobe will be there to show off CS3 on Intel Macs during the keynote. I'm hoping this comes with an announcement of a release date sometime in the fall. It's not just a problem for Apple, Adobe is beginning to have a big problem trying to sell CS2, when CS3 is coming soon-ish. They could use a jump in the release schedule as much as Apple would benefit from one.

One more week. Then we should at least know more.