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Umm... my pet Beta Fishy-Fishy could be a better Apple blogger than this guy. I don't get it, ZDNet doesn't even try to have bloggers who have some semblance of knowing what they talk about.

Choice samples:

What Mactel means for Apple

First, the reversion to 32bit CPUs isn't much of an issue for the laptops, iMac, and the entertainment products. It does, however, knock out the key business lines: the PowerMac and X-Serves, and therefore cripple Apple's drive to maintain its market share in the high end publishing, photography, and video processing businesses. Fundamentally what's going on with those lines is that each time Intel announces further delays in getting lower power, 64bit, CPUs or integrated multi-core processors out the door in volume, Apple's options for this business line narrow and its credibility among key customer groups driving widespread downstream adoption decreases.

Astonishing performance numbers from Freescale

To the extent that these numbers predict anything, they suggest that a single core Intel "Yonah" CPU, if measured against either Microsoft's Xenon or the MPC7848 would look like a high school kid trying to play in the NFL - and therefore that a key reason Apple could not bring a "MacViiv" Mini replacement to market at January's MacWorld was simply that the CPU, even had it been either affordable or available in the quantities promised, would have made Apple a laughing stock in the home entertainment performance stakes.

And the very first post I read from him:

Apple rumours and realities

Quite a number of pundits have gone out and predicted the appearance of Intel based Powerbooks from Apple this January - but it isn't going to happen. In fact what I expect is either, or both, an Intel based Mini and/or some Intel based iBooks. Beyond that, however, Intel is just not going to happen for Apple next year - no Powerbooks, no iMacs, no Workstations, and no X-Serves.

I mean come on. How can a purported analyst not know that 64 bit Intel CPUs are currently available and the ones Apple wants will be available in 6 months?

Not to mention that Jason O'Grady, Mr., is also a blogger there too. He simply makes up "rumors" most of the time.

Perhaps what is worse is that the people commenting on the blog don't much either... argh.