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I was wondering, do you think Apple will ever make iChat compatible with other messenger programs like MSN? When I switched from Windows I noticed the iChat icon on my dock, and before removing it thought to myself if I would ever be able to use it as my main messenger application instead of Microsoft's Messenger.

Being a recent switcher, all my friends use MSN, meaning if I were to use iChat it would be completey pointless.

What do you think? ... and do you use iChat?
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Instant messaging is just a mess.

There are more than a dozen proprietary systems that do not interoperate.

I would really love to use iChat and videoconferencing but i don't have any friends or family with a Mac.

It's actually the same with VOIP applications.

Let us hope that the French will write a law forcing all these stupied companies to open up their propietary systems so everybody can chat/videoconference/audioconference with everybody else, regardles of the soft-/hardware they are using.

Proprietary lock-in systems SUCK!!!!

[done ranting now.]
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I use iChat only if I have to video conf...

otherwise, I have been using Adium for many years since I was sick of iChat ass-backwardness

Also MSN for Mac works like crap at the end of the day, especially once you get into Adium...


Supports everything.. but no video/audio

I use Skype for audio chat anyway...
I'm having deja-vu and amnesia at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before.
I'm having deja-vu and amnesia at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before.
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What I want is a service within iChat similar to Skypeout!
So I could call normal telephones.

If apple could provide a service similar to Skypeout for the same price or less I would give them the money instead of Skype, and I would have one app instead of two. What could be better!
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I use iChat for my MSN account - I got the directions from here

works great, 1 app, 2 windows, iChat buddioes and and MSN buddies

Its a bit fiddely to set up but works perfectly when done.

Its all done through this Jabber business!

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I use Mercury Messenger for my MSN needs.


Allows use of an iSight, but only as a webcam, not for full video conferencing, although I think this feature is in the test stages.
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