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Quartz Extreme compatibility

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I'm sure this has been asked earlier, but rather than search, I'd rather just start a new thread. Here's my question:
I have a PowerBook G4 550MHz with a Radeon Mobility 4x AGP and 16MB VRAM. Is this machine compatible with Quartz Extreme?

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There is no official word regarding your question, since QE isn't complete yet.

From Apple's Mac OS X page:
ATI: any AGP Radeon card. 32MB VRAM recommended for optimum performance.

[emphasis added]

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anyone who says it is does not know for sure. right now the general opinion is that it will be supported but until Apple officially says it I still have doubts.

they also have not said the new iBook is QE compliant either where as they made a big deal of that for the new Powerbooks.

we'll see but I think it will be
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...can we please put up an FAQ for stuff like this???
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