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best place to sell powerbook

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I was thinking about selling my 5 month old powerbook but really did not want to go the ebay route, I actually would prefer to sell locally but was wondering if there is a good market place type forum for macs...I did'nt see one at apple insider. btw do I have to wipe my harddrive to sell? what are the legalities of selling one with software installed? Scott
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I would wipe my hard drive using disk utilities do a multiple pass wipe and then re-install the original os plus any updates. You wouldn't want any personal data to get inadvertently transferred with the new sale.

You are granted a single use license for most software and thus it would be in violation of that to re-use the software on another machine.

You could always post a listing on www.craigslist.com or put an ad in the paper or flyer on bulletin boards at the local university.
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thanks.....i live pretty close to clemson so that might be the best idea
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Craigslist is really great. I sold my G5 for a decent price and saved $150 so on shipping by having the guy come to pick it up directly.
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I actually sold a Mac laptop on ebay and it turned out the winning bidder was local (a couple of bidders were actually - one was just down the road) so I hand delivered it for cash. I tried loads of local free ads first but got no response so I tried ebay.

It depends on how you advertise. I didn't get any bids the first time because I had a high starting price and a week long sale. The second time, I did a 24 hour sale with a low starting bid but high reserve and it went for a decent price - it was two years old and I got 60% back on the purchase price.

As for wiping, I just use a zero pass, possibly two.
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When I sell a computer I do the multiple-pass erase, and then do an install from the disc the machine came with - NOT from a more current version of the OS, which won't install the apps the computer came with. Then I quit the setup when the install finishes and the setup assistant begins (right after the "Welcome" animation). That way the new owner gets the machine as it came from the factory, and can use the FireWire transfer utility and so on. It also reassures them that they're getting a "clean" machine when they have to set up a user account and so on.
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Yeah, I did one zero pass (I didn't really have time to 7-pass a 160GB drive) and then just installed Tiger, because the Powermac G5 didn't really come with any particularly worthwhile software.

Also, I'd suggest that you make the transaction in cash.
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