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Anyone know why Nigeria needs laptops?

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I am having the hardest time selling my Sony Vaio notebook on Ebay. I had a buy it now price that sold twice, both to two brand new members. The first buyer dropped his membership right after he won, so I relisted and it is bought by a guy wanting me to ship it to Nigeria and wanting to pay using Western Union. Well, for one I don't ship to an unconfimed address and I don't accept anything besides Paypal. I relisted and had to remove the buy it now price so that I could watch everyone that is bidding on it. Just got an email from a brand new Ebay member that wanted me to ship it to Nigeria, and he offered me 3200.00, the auction starts at 1300.00. I am confused as why these potential scammers pick Nigeria as a shipping point. I know I am tired of relisting my item and then getting Ebay to credit me the final value fee.

All I really want is my Imac, why does it have to be so difficult. lol.
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whatever you do dont ship it to Nigeria. Or to anyone claiming to be from Nigeria. Under any circumstances

There is a long history of Nigerian scams ripping people off.
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I actually thought ebay had stopped trading with Nigeria because of all the scams.

What I would do is to forget the buy it now price for the laptop because people seem to prefer an auction for stuff like that and start it low with a high reserve. Then make the auction short (2-3 days maybe).

Don't expect to get much for it though. In my experience, ebay is more of a buyer's market than a seller's. Because there is so much competition and you are only selling used goods, people don't like paying huge amounts of money. I would say your best bet is to try selling locally - possibly to a local PC store (not a major store but a small one). I wouldn't ship your laptop outside your own country.

If you have a nearby university, you can try advertising in a student listing.
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Thanks for the tips. I only accept Paypal and I would never ship to Nigeria. Selling this laptop is my only hope to getting my Mac soon. I think I make some sort of sheet and put it around my college. Some guy on Ebay is selling the same laptop for like 1k, it is a refurb and he has a ton of them. Kinda hard for me to beat his price, my laptop is barely used and a year ago it was 2k, no way I would take a 1k hit in price for something that looks brand new.
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