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File disappeared?

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I tried to download a file today from webmail/browser and hadn't realize that you had to set the file path in the preferences, so it began downloading onto the desktop. I moved the "downloading" icon into the folder where the file would go. It appeared to completely download in the Safari download menu, but gave the notice "can't be moved." I opened the folder that the file was going into, and it was still there in the download menu, but only partially downloaded. I deleted the partial download from the folder, and checked with spotlight. The file was nowhere to be found. However, I still appear to be missing harddrive space (it was a powerpoint presentation of an extremely large size). Could the file just be floating inaccessibly in my hardrive, taking up space, with no graphic representation in any folder of OS?
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Use this to see where your disk space is going:


You didn't have to delete the partial file either. If you'd double-clicked it, Safari might have been able to start where it left off before you moved it.
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