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Nike+ iPod for Addidas?

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I wonder if anyone has tried the new Nike+ with a pair of shoes other than Nike.

Would it even work? And if so does it matter how you attatch the transmitter?

I'm really picky on my running shoes and would love to use it with a pair of Addidas I have.
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i'M pretty sure, that for the device to work it has to be a Nike+ shoe. No way they would make it compatible with any other footwear. And on top of that, Nike probably has a multi-year deal to carry this exclusively. They did mention that they didn't think hard core runners would switch brands though.
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In theory it should work. It might be as easy as just carving out a little depression in the sole of your shoe. However, I wouldn't be surprised if the accelerometers are calibrated to sense certain changes in acceleration or velocity. Putting the senser in the wrong part of the shoe might skew the readings somehow. Or maybe the Nano can calibrate itself to your running style to an extent that will counter a misplaced sensor.
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if you go here on engadget a lot of poeple are already reporting that they used them with their own trainers with success.

Also if you see the demo on the nike website the only way them trainers are any different is that they have a hole cut out under the sole.

I'm gonna wait for a few more reports and if its good should purchase the kit (Don't really want to buy the trainers though!). I really like the integration with the nike website, upload your stats, compete with friends... etc

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Nike Trainers are UGLY.

Especially the "+" ones...

Stick with Adidas... or my Adidas 1's...
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