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Airport Card for Mac Pro

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Do the Mac Pro's use the same airport cards the G5's and other macs did or is it a new card? I bought a Mac Pro without a wireless card so i could get it faster. I want to get a wireless card for it but don't know if the old ones will work. If there is a new one is it available now to purchase?
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Mac Pro have new slot for wireless card, so can't use old ones. And I cannot quickly find anything wireless that is non-Apple, so I restored dead AirPort Express (made new 3.3v power adapter for it), configured it as WDS remote station and hook it to Mac Pro via Ethernet.
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how does one get one of the new airport cards for the mac pros, i don't seem them anywhere
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This is really damned odd, now I'm pretty glad I bought mine with Airport installed.
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My guess is that it's not generally available as a user-installed item, though you probably can buy it from Mac parts sellers.

"This AirPort Extreme Card is not compatible with the Mac Pro or the Power Mac G5 Dual and Power Mac G5 Quad computers introduced in October 2005. To add an AirPort Extreme card to one of these systems, please contact an Apple Retail Store or other Authorized Apple Service Provider."

I did see an Airport / Bluetooth combo kit on clearance at a CompUSA but I didn't bother to get it, and it was for the Oct '05 Power Macs, it may or may not have worked with the Mac Pro.

I personally don't expect to use either much but I'll probably have them installed just in case.
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At least here http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/AirCardMP/ they seem to sell the airport card for mac pro, but it's out of stock just now (?)
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