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New Cardiff Apple Store

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It's happened in Cardiff.
AT Computers formally the Apple Centre on Caerphilly Road have relocated into the City Centre. They have opened a new Apple Premium Reseller store in the Morgan Arcade CF10 1AF just down the road from the castle. Their new number is 02920 232620.

The store has been designed by Apple and looks like a mini Regent Street store. They have loads of stuff on demo, it should be busy for them.

Good luck to 'em.
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That's all nice and stuff, but it's not an Apple Store.
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I was just in my local reseller not too far from Cardiff - to fix my recently firmware challenged MBP and low and behold it had become a clone of an Apple store as well.
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Apple have a roll out policy for the UK but this doesn't include every City or large town. The whole Apple Premium Reseller roll out that certain local dealers are undertaking is fully supported by Apple. It is designed to give everyone the Apple experience. Only big Citys are likely to get Apple run Applestores!
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Originally Posted by dukenewq View Post

Only big Citys are likely to get Apple run Applestores!

Because Cardiff isn't a big city...
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Tell Torchwood that.
My brain is hung like a HORSE!
My brain is hung like a HORSE!
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The new service dept. is now up and running. Also in the near future there will be a retail dept.
The address is.
AT Computers.
Unit 1,
Centre Court, (opposite petrol station).
Main avenue,
Treforest Industrial Estate.
CF37 5YR.

Tel. 0870 8635420 (Calls charged at normal national rates).
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There's a brand new Apple store in the newly opened Sr David's 2 Centre, as well as the long established existing Apple reseller in a nearby arcade. I visited both of them last Friday 27th November 2009. The 'real' Apple store was jumping, but the Apple reseller was empty. I can't see AT Computers (the owners) staying much longer.

Apparently they can't compete by offering discounts - their prices are set by Apple, so I understand.

I've had great service from them for many years.
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It's good that it is in Cardiff now. Latest technology will be available in town.
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There'll also be an AATC delivering Pro Apps courses coming soon too - watch this space:
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Imagine the Horror of taking the family into the new Cardiff Shopping Centre Apple store to keenly browse the devices on display only to see an iPhone4 on the 'centre display' streaming hard core porn videos direct off the internet

Children all around and teenagers experimenting with the iPads and iPhones on display all day everyday .. The indifference and failure of 'due care' by Apple Store towards it's customers is mystifying

Apple Corporate and Cardiff store are yet to explain what is being done about the unrestricted & unsupervised internet access via their devices on display??

Anyone got any ideas or avenues to kick some corporate butt??
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