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Australian iPhone Question

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Personally i think the iPhone is a great product and would love to get my hands on it as soon as possible. There lies the problem.

Australian should be in the "Asia" release area/date (and i damm well hope it is!!!) but it gets released in the US in July.

I am however going to the US from here in mid-late July, my question is... Regardless of where you buy it in the US (duty free apple store is what i would be looking at) it would be locked to Cingular, right?

So i doubt that that is possible to change without some really smart person to crack the software if that even happens.

But however does Australia support the GSM/EDGE protocol widely? Cause i could get it signed up to my credit card and then use global roaming.

Probably impossible but any insight would be appreciated,

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From Wikipedia: Telstra in Australia has begun offering EDGE starting in October 2006. \ that sounds like bad news if the towers need to be upgraded for the EDGE capability. There would be massive amounts of Australia that haven't been upgraded

Does this mean i will have to be with Telstra if the iPhone comes the Australia, personally i dont like Telstra and if the iPhone comes to Australia and they do an exclusive deal with Telstra i might think twice about getting it.
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well hopefully if it ....sorry when it comes to australia it uses vodafone or 3. Im on vodafone but would switch to 3, telstra would be my least fav.

have to say might be an advantage to telstra if they already have edge (not tthat i really know what that is).
However in UK and maybe europe 2, vodafone and 3 opperate therefore apple could just do a deal with one of those companies, hopefully.
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