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Safari 3.0 theme?

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Safari 2.0;

Safari 3.0;

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Who knows? But let us say yes. What does this change?
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Originally Posted by PB View Post

Who knows? But let us say yes. What does this change?

I thought a lot of work had gone into the interface on not just Safari but all of the iPhone apps. One thing you'll notice is that Core-Animation is used throughout. Every app, every application makes practical use of animation to make modal transitions. Which might be eye-candy, but gave the device a very fresh-looking and understandable interface.

It left me thinking that some of the undisclosed features of Leopard might also rely more heavily on Core Animation, and we might see some of this look and feel in the desktop OS.

Vista might not be that great. But it is a huge improvement on XP. Both in terms of visual presentation, and in terms of fixing much that was broken under XP. Vista now looks a lot like Tiger. Apple may want to put some clear blue water between Leopard and Vista in terms of how they look.

Of course if Apple simply waste system resources on useless eye-candy, not everyone will be impressed. But if Apple really innovates and puts this technology to good use, Leopard might end up looking very different from the preview builds that are currently being released.

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I think it may be a sign of things to come. It looks like the CS3 beta icon too. I prefer it to brushed metal and blue is a more refreshing color and I think ties in with the aqua moniker much better. I think the gradient is pretty certain but I still want to see user definable colors.
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Keep in mind that there *should* be differences between an interface created for a mobile device with a small screen and that uses Multi-Touch as its only input device and an interface created for a full blown computer that uses a variety of input devices.

The color scheme maybe something Apple will bring to Leopard but not the interface. And if we're actually all talking about the color scheme, then there isn't much to talk about...all we're seeing in the screenshot is a graphite-type color scheme...or something that resembles the scrollbars in iTunes 7.
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Yeah, wtf? That's not Safari 3.

Are you really that stupid?
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would be Great!
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