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I am so excited about the iphone. I have been due for a cell phone upgrade for almost 6 months and have held off for this phone and it helps that I'm a Cingular customer already. With the next phone upgrade though I was hoping to update to the new UMTS/HSDPA high speed data.
From what I'm seeing this phone only supports up to Edge. Is that true? Are there any possibilities of this being upgraded to UMTS/HSDPA before long? How about Wimax? I heard the possibilities of newer technologies being implimented. I'd like to think there is something like a wimax card that can be added or even a firmware upgrade but I'm sure this would require new hardware. I have to admit this device is so good that in most cases I will likely buy it and if a update comes out later deal with whether to update or not. I'm a current Cingular customer though so am curious how pricing will work on this with me such as if I'll have to pay more of just extend my contract for 2 years.