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How do I delete songs from my iPod that are not in iTunes

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I was going through the music library on my hard drive (~/Library/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music), and I came across some duplicate songs. I deleted them from the Finder. Well, that wasn't a good idea I discovered. Now every time I open iTunes and iTunes tries to sync with my 5th generation video iPod, I get an error message saying the songs could not be copied to the iPod because they could not be found.

My question is, aren't there utilities (hopefully freeware since this is a one-shot fix--I learned my lesson) that will let me delete songs from my iPod (treating the iPod like an editable hard disk, outside the iTunes environment). I seem to recall some, but can't seem to figure out which ones they are by searching iTunes.

Can someone make some suggestions? I sure would like to fix this little problem, which is an annoyance every time I open iTunes now.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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I believe you just delete the duplicate entry in the iTunes Library (from within ITunes) and all should be OK. If you're not sure which is which just drag them to the desktop first to create a duplicate file, delete both (making sure you have one backup file on the desktop first ) and the drop the desktop file back on iTunes. The message is coming not from having it on the iPod but having an entry in the iTunes library for which the associated file is gone.
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No, actually the problem is the reverse. It's on the iPod, but not in my music library. I need to delete the files from my iPod. There must be some utility out there somewhere that will let me delete a song from my iPod, outside of the iTunes environment (treating the iPod like a hard disk essentially).
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You said you deleted the file with the Finder. Did you also delete it from your iTunes Library?
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"For MacOS X, try Broken Helix and Robs iPod Exporter. For MacOS 9, try escapePod and iProber. Other iPod Manager or iPod song transfer utility for Mac include Senuti, iPodRid, iPod.iTunes and PodWorks."

Check out http://www.mydigitallife.info/2006/0...ithout-itunes/


You should be able to find a Mac OSX utility that will let you "peek" into your iPod in OSX. 8)
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What? If the songs are not in iTunes, they will be deleted from the iPod automatically! That's the way the iPod works. So he has deleted the songs from the Finder but not the iTunes library (in iTunes, not in the Finder). He needs to delete them from the iTunes library, full stop. No need for any utility to "peek" into the iPod, that'll just screw up the iPod's database!!!!
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We don't even use itunes at all, new have and never will. We use MediaMonkey, it's free and easy and your songs do not get automatically deleted etc....
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