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Some problems with MBP C2D

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Well i got 2.16ghz C2D Macbook Pro .. with 160GB harddisk (5400rpm) and 1GB of ram.

for someone who only uses the web.. that must be enough

but these days i find my laptop lagging, and hungs up alot.. mostly because of "Safari" ..

but for a 3 months old laptop, there shouldnt be any problem with the system, yet.

my harddisk is half filled, with 80gb free.. so the problem isnt with me having so much on the harddisk.

can anyone help??
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I have the same MacBook Pro as you except for the fact that I have 2 GB of RAM. I purchased it about a month and a half ago and have since loaded the CS2 suite, Microsoft office and a few other third party apps and started to notice a slight decrease in speed, though not much. One thing to check is the Activity Monitor which is in the Applications folder and see what programs may be running behind the scenes. I found that both Photoshop and Office run startup programs when you restart your machine and taking them out of the start up folder seemed to definitely help with the sluggishness. Also, try not to have too many widgets running if you don't use them on a regular basis, they can eat up a lot of RAM. Hope these few tips will help!

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Have you added any third-party "utilities" or Safari add-ons?

Moving to Genius Bar.
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Yup definitely check for what lundy mentioned too. It would be a good idea to run Disk first aid, verify your disk, repair your permissions.. If it's mainly with safari, try resetting safari. If that doesnt help, remove it's .plist files and try then. Trying in a test user would be a valid step in this case as well if disk utility comes up with nothing.
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Copy/paste this into Terminal.app:


rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/Safari/* && rm -rf ~/Library/Safari/Icons/*

if that does the trick, make Icons folder read only (not writeable) via Get Info. That way you will not have to repeat this process.
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there is a third party software called safari speed that causes immediate page loading and gets rid of bookmark icons.
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