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Annoying UPS dialog?

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I have an APC Back-UPS XS 1500VA connected to my Mac Pro (running Tiger of course). The Mac Pro correctly spots the UPS without problems.

My power here has issues, and I experience a notch dropout a couple of times a day. The UPS (well, all three of them ) kicks on and smooths out the notch. The trouble is, immediately when this happens, I get a dialog from Mac OS X:

Warning. Your computer is now running on UPS backup battery. Save your documents and shutdown soon.

Since the power dropout is less than a second, the UPS is never remotely taxed, but it does kick on and run for about five seconds. Eventually, Mac OS X figures this out and closes the dialog automatically.

As you might imagine, this dialog is annoying-as-crap!

How do I disable it, tweak it so that it doesn't come on until the computer has been running on UPS for a minute, or prevent it from being modal?

Imagine if, every time you unplugged your MacBook from the wall, you got a "Warning! You are now running on laptop batteries!" dialog.
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I'm having the same issue with the dialog box interfering with AppleScripts i have running on a schedule.

Is there a config file somewhere that can disable this dialog warning?

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