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Online Video Playback Issues

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I am having major problems with video playback on my mac. I installed firefox to see if it was a safari issue. Doesn't seem that way. I have downloaded flipformac and i have quicktime. I also downloaded VLC. I am not sure what else to do here. I was able to get some AOL videos to work but when i tried a CBS news video it didn't work. I have gone into safari settings and plug ins are enabled, and java and javascript, all enabled, and have been since the beginning, and i went into quicktime settings and made sure flash was enabled. I have all my MIME settings in quicktime default by the way.

Please help, i just want to be able to watch any video i want (preferably on safari) without any trouble.

I do not have any ad blocker add ons installed (like the one from pimpmysafari.com), or any add ons at all for that matter.

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Do you have the latest version of Adobe Flash plugin installed?
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