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Confirmed. It's a total fuck-up. I would use "frack" except the magnitude of the debacle is astonishing. That and Battlestar G. is over for the year.

I saw two Bravias in store at Sony official retail outlet.


The only way this could have flown is if Sony Pictures is in return going to release movies/tv on iTunes by July 2007.

I've got to warn my store manager and bosses about this. STAY AWAY from the Bravias. I hate to bash brand names, but, you'd have to be brave to buy a Bravia.

They were demo-ing HD Sony cameras output to the LCD 30" or so. And then HDMI output to the 30" with clearly labelled "BluRay" logo on a demo loop (you know, the typical "vacation" scenes and stuff...). This is supposed to be "1080p". It looks terrible. Really.

AppleTV HDMI or component into the Bravias is a big mistake. I am quite confident in this regard at this stage. The colours are to sharp and harsh, oversaturated and unnatural, the contrast glaring, the upscaling somehow creating even further "sub-blockiness" instead of smoothing things out.

I know things are different for different regions (I am in Asia) ... but the Sony LCD TVs had a logo of "Full 1080" next to it - no "p" or "i". It's misleading, because next to it they had a chart showing that the 1080 they are referring to is 1440 lines x 1080 pixels.

If you want to see some beautiful HD at true 1080p (besides 1080p trailers on a 30" Apple Cinema Display)... check out Sharp Aquos with their own demo reel [proprietary "HVD" format AFAIK] (last I saw it was like a Japanese silk and paints and stuff - beautiful, except contrast was not as deep as plasmas). Also, for HDTVs, 30" or 42", I would take a 720p Samsung or Panasonic plasma that has true 1280 x 720 pixels not like 1024 x 720 or stuff. And certainly check the in-built upscaler in these to see DVD, Composite, Component, DVI/HDMI, iPod, iTunes Movies/ TV Shows, BluRay sources and see how it flies.

Maybe we're all too much of aesthetes but Bravias are a no-go zone IMO at this stage. Certainly for anything Apple-related. The brand managers for various Apple stores/ resellers must be gagging and gasping for air right now.

Most important for the recommendations I'm going to make is to go for 1280x720 true native progressive pixels on *plasma*. How much true 1080"p" content are we likely to have, from a global perspective, anyway, over the next 5 years?
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The thing is LCDs are overtaking Plasmas in popularity and resolution. For 42" Samsungs, I could only find a 1024 x 768 panel as the highest rez for my region. Hmmm... ...LCDs are dropping a lot in price as well.
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