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My MBP was working fine until few days ago when it showed a rather questionable behaviour.

Note that I did not alter any system settings nor did I install any external smc controlling programs.

The symptom is that the fans start running at full speed (i.e. 6000rpm) at low temperature. At first it starts out by running at full speed when the cpu gets hot: a normal behaviour. Then I turn the computer off during when it's running at full. And I allow some time to let it cool down completely. I turn it back on, and I find my computer running the fans at full speed. At the time the temperature of the heatsink and the cpu is well below 30deg Celsius. It goes away after some time (20-30mins maybe?), but it's quite annoying.

As a solution, I reset the smc by removing the battery and AC cord and holding the power button for 5 seconds.

Now the fans are running at full speed at all the time (At least until now - about 1 hr and 30 mins since the reset). I am not running any programs at the background. The CPU load shows 95% idle.

Something must be wrong with my system. Can anyone help?

p.s. firmware is up to date.