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It's is brought by a new breed of American parasite: the intellectual property patent holding company. We should ban software patents. Now.

I agree about the ban on "software" patents, but to stop there would be foolish. "Intellectual property companies" are what need to be banned along side "software patents."

You want an example of a non-software company that is nothing more than a patent holding company, now suing virtually everyone in the automative products aftermarket? Omega Research/Ken Flick ( These nuts put up a website that advertises products that aren't selling to give the appearance they are a legitimate company, but they are actually nothing more than a patent holding company. They have numerous patents on "databus" applications, some of which that, if you read through the patent, would even come to haunt car makers for continuing to use database technology to roll up car windows! Nutty Flick even patented car alarm "light flash" years after it had been on the market and sold by big companies such as Directed Electronics (makers of Hornet, Viper, Python, AutoMate, etc.). Most other countries will not grant you a patent for something has been openly sold in the market for years prior to your filing! Anyway, I don't work for Omega or Directed, but I do work in their industry and know of the legal battles between Omega and its rivals like Directed. And yes, big companies like Directed are building up their patent portfolio as their business takes a turn for the worse, in hopes of making money off the patents in the future (even after their primary business has failed). It's pathetic.

These cases I am presented here are not an illustration of "American, the land of the free." They are case examples showing America to be the land of legalized extortion.