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iPhone, possibly network free in UK?

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I was speaking to someone who works at Orange in the UK this weekend and I was giving him a bit of grief about the potential Vodafone or T-Mobile iPhone contract. I said that he needs to pressure his CEO to dig deeper and not lose out on it. His reply was rather interesting and said that due to certain laws in the UK, there's a good chance that the iPhone won't be tied to a single network like it will be in the US and possibly other parts of Europe.

Does anyone know of anything that may contradict this, or know of any legislation which may add credibility to this claim?
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So nobody has any additional information on this either way?

I guess that could be a good thing for the UK then.
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The only legislation I can think of is that network operators in Europe must unlock handsets if the customer asks. (For a fee).

But I don't think this would change Apple's strategy.
The visual voicemail feature must be implemented by the network carrier anyway.

3G networks have been slow to take off in lots of Europe. If Apple had a 3G version of the phone, it would be a great way to sell the benefits of the technology. But my guess is that Apple are more interested in selling handsets than selling wireless technologies.

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3G isnt as loved in Europe (or at least the UK) as people would have you believe. But mostly these days phones are made with GSM variants to satisfy both sides. Eg: k800/k790

Its only recently that flat rate data plans have arrived so now the appeal of 3G and surfing is becoming bigger. It would be nice to have 3G on the iphone and the rumor is that the iphone will be 3G by the time it hits the UK but thats just a rumor of course.

The problem with the iphone I think is that the battery isnt that good I mean we dont even know what the official figure is for standby so it would be pointless having 3G if the battery life is only something like 180 hours.

Early 3g phones had terrible battery lifes but these have improved a great deal now. As for free on networks it hard to say. The N95 was touted as mega expensive but it dropped in price by around 200 in a month and its now free on some reasonable contracts.

Im not sure how apple are going to play this with the netwok but as its only one exclusive network it may not drop that much. Its easier for networks to keep the price high if they know that network is the only one they can offer it on. The more networks the more competition hence slow and gradual drops in price. Eg: N93 was never officially taken up by any network except Voda and 3(recently and then dropped) but it was expensive on a contract when it was there, not sure if its still on Voda.

The iphone is a niche product so its hard to say what the prices will be like. A good indicator could be how the prices develop as the months go by in the states. Still though niche product or not £300 for a phone + a contract is a hell of a lot considering its mostley superceded spec wise by most other phones on the market.

Also in the UK we pay more for the technology than you guys in the states. $399 for the iphone will translate to £300 in the uk and probabaly £430 for the 8gb version.
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