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As you may have read, many AT&T and Cingular stores have compiled unofficial "waiting lists" for customers wishing to purchase the IPhone. This is in spite of both AT&T and Apple prohibiting the practice. (See for an internal memo from AT&T) So for all of you IPhone geeks (myself included) that camp out / stand in line for an IPhone, please post your experience here. If your experience is less than pleasant, post it here. Conversely, if you were pleased by the service, let it be known.

My intention is to ensure that all stores are playing by the rules. If you are among the first 25-40 people in line and you DO NOT get an IPhone due to lack of supply, please supply the following:

Name and location of store.
Place in line.
Manager's name (first name only please)
Explanation given by employees for being out of stock.
# of phones received (if possible)

We will send this list to Apple, Inc as well as AT&T's Corporate Headquarters.
In the meantime, get out your camping gear.