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FSJ and RSJ move over. NUM is on the keyboard.

For posting what may become a reality, Ill could have Apples cyber ninjas at my house tonight. Lets make that sacrifice worth something okay? So if you dont drink the coolaid, smeg off. My ideas are my own, and with that.

Most of these ideas are for the iPhone, but if not this iPhone then its counterpart..

Announced on June 29th at 6PM, the iPhone will have a counterpart: the iPhone Pro (or similar name). Built for business, and be ready to ship in October. Will be sold to businesses direct and support a broader mail server base and feature a longer battery, MS Office standard (mobile edition), and software for trading business cards and short data bursts via ad-hoc wifi networking. At *that* launch, they will announce the GPS bundle (like the Nike Bundle)

Satellite Radio

Lets tackle the hardest one first. Morning Shows.

You subscribe to a radio station, (via iTunes Music Store).
There will be free ones (Ad supported etc) and Paid ones (for those premium shows like Howard Stern)
(normal disclaimer applies that individuals must do this on their PCbut if we are dreaming.. why not through a radio browser app on the iPhone itself)

Since the iPhone is all syncing, wifi, docking etc. here is how the trick works. The radio feed is instead a multipart podcast. (we are going to package this technology). Imagine on broadband how long it takes to download an MP3. Okay? So lets extend this out. I just took a 100 minute (hour and 40 minute) mp3 and put it into AAC format. Guess what? 92 mb. So lets say a 3 hour broadcast is the longest contiguous radio show. Thats just shy 200 megs. Lets take out all the music from morning radio. (lets guess here and say thats roughly a third of the time. (Im making up the numbers here, but you get the idea). Now over broadband, it takes me about 5 minutes to suck down 132 megs. (many people it will be faster). This means, each night you dock your iPhone, the internet radio station you listen to (via these free and purchased podcasts) will begin sucking down the music for tomorrows show. (or at some point during the night) If your PC is off, turning it on in the morning it will download the days program in less time then it takes to dress and brush your teeth. This is where the cool part comes in these music files (including station IDs, commercials, and jingles) are all downloaded over broadband (either through your PC at home, and then transferred via synch to your iPhone) or they are downloaded on the fly over wifi in the background. (meaning your subscription choices are already on your iPhone from your last synch so it can talk to the net over wifi and suck down the latest parts of the podcast). The sum of all these files is the stuff of radio minus the live parts.

For those reading along in their books, remember all our cars can come with iPod connectors right? Hello.. they are the same as iPhones. So, you run out the door in the morning with a fully loaded content library and jump in your car. You either plug in your cassette adapter, iTrip or iPod(iPhone) connector. Now as long as your iPhone is in Wifi coverage, it is going to ping every couple seconds out to the broadcast server and ask for new pieces. The initial batch of content contains the majority of content for the morning show as well as directions on where the live content needs to be inserted. You start listening to the show. Here is where the magic happens. Your iPhone is going to keep streaming (regardless of coverage) the live bits as they happen. (meaning live will be at most just a few minutes delayed). In this way, as you leave wifi coverage and hit the edge network, you are going to begin getting packets of audio. For an entire 3 hour show thats less then 30 megs of EDGE data (and who commutes for THREE hours?).

So, music plays, the station ID and jingle all roll out on your iPhone. It displays in your music library as iJam (or similar branding). You hear the pre-recorded stuff like music, commercials etc. from stuff your phone has cached. The traffic reports, flavor commentary and chatter which is usually live will stream down delayed by only a few moments (since your iPhone can do YouTube, it will have no problem with a highly compressed audio-podcast dropping over the same network.

Your iPhone (as it gets these packages) knows exactly how to file them and stitches together the whole broadcast (just running each segment into each other with a 1 second cross fade). Tada, a complete 3 hour broadcast on your phone (including a paid delivery and free delivery system) which can take live content into account and not saturate the cell edge network. Plus, it gets broadcasters into PodCasting hardcore and drives up iPod sales (since free shows after they have fully aired could be downloaded as a complete unit). Plus, since this package of media is arriving on your iPhone, you could drill into it to see a list of all the songs played that day etc. (driving up sales opportunities for iTunes Music Store). This will help folks figure out what was that song they played.

Plus, your iPhone will now have a TiVo like ability to pause live radio. Slick huh? Not done yet. So you can stream live shows, get playlists, conserve bandwidth, pause live stuff.. but now ALSO broadcasters can send pictures and video clips embedded in places like Ads for your screen as you watch. (or if the live host is like OMG, look at this picture I found on the net (and shares it into the audio podcast) now it gets stitched in the next segment and displays out onto everyones iPhone. Now people can see what the radio guy is talking about or view that funny video clip they are looping the audio from.

About the only doesnt work for this is a live request show.. but given the other benefits.. Id say pretty damn good and could cost way less and deliver way more then stupid satellite radio. Plus its driving up ITMS access and creating a new revenue stream. One final thing, if you lose cell signal.. no problem. The content stitching is smart enough that if it missing a segment to stitch is a specific extra track (which it can pause and come back to later) to use a fill music until it can acquire the next segment and continue.

Will post the next one tonight.
I never get tired of being right all the time... but I do get tired of having to prove it to you again and again.
I never get tired of being right all the time... but I do get tired of having to prove it to you again and again.