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Pay as you go on iPhone

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Of course I want one. Of course I'll probably get one....eventually.

But I'd get one the day they came out if they had a "pay as you go plan".

Does anyone know?

Because I travel ALOT....and prefer the total flexibility of only paying for service I can use.

Also...does anyone know if you can buy the iphone WITHOUT having to buy a "contract" at the time of purchase?

I mean...what are they gonna do? Stop you from buying it at the apple store?

I only ask, because even without the use of the phone capabilities in the begining, it'd still be a great ipod/portable wifi web surfer. If you can surf the web thru wifi to check email etc and listen to music...it'd still be worth it for me.

Then if they later offered a pay as you go service down the road....like virgin mobile does where you can just "top up" on the go...that'd be GREAT.

Anyway....the new intro video is sweet. It really looks like another apple homerun.

Hey....did Mr Ives design it? I haven't seen mr Ives at any of the apple seminars in awhile. Does he work for Apple still?
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Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? :-)
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The answer is no.
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Apple could have easily made the phone operatorlocked. (So that it only works with AT&T SIMcards). I'm very eager to find this out. If the iPhone isn't operator locked, anyone can buy one, and ask for the cancelationfee right away. which means: 499$ (phone) + 175$ (AT&T fees) = 674$ for an storebought phone without AT&T.

Still, if the iPhone IS operator locked, this is done by system software. My guess is that if the iPhone runs a Os X distro (darwin kernel), it's filesystembased, so that it's actually just a file somewhere in the filesystem to modify in order to unlock the phone. (SIMlocks are not hardware locks). Only question is, if the iPhone is SIM locked, how many days will pass from the 29 june until someone provides the world with a Apple Installer Utility that fixes this My guess is 8 days, max. But at this time, we don't even know if it's locked or not.
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