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The idea is that since it's a phone, people are going to want to make calls easily. The landscape mode for homescreen is not currently being used for anything, so let's make it this instead: we'll put the keypad all the way on the left (better for thumb dialing) and a list on the right with buttons beneath for each of the options on the bottom of the normal keypad screen (excluding keypad of course). MOST IMPORTANTLY, the Home Landscape screen will remember which of the 4 lists you had up the previous time you used it, OR, as an option you can set it to always load to the same one each time (e.g. always bring up missed calls if most of what you do is answer calls).

Please take the time to look at my improved implementation right here and tell me which you prefer.

Give me some feedback, and I'll try to make a mockup of your ideas (or a mockery of them if I think they suck).