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Trying to decide

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I am trying to decide wether to buy an iphone. I currently have a Nokia 6682 phone. Haven't loved it, but couldn't find one I did like. I am impressed with the iphone but heard a rumor that there might be a new one released in October. Now I am hesitant to plunk down $600 now, if that is the case. I don't know what phone to get as a replacement. Can anyone help? I am also waiting on replacing my PowerBook G4 until they have the new operating system on. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
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The Motorola DynaTAC is a proven winner.
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Very funny, Wo-Jay.

HH, if you don't get the joke, here it is:

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I understood the joke, I just didn't think it was funny.
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I don't know anything about a new model, but I'm personally holding out for at least a price drop (or for them to show up in the refurb store.

Plus I get a modest discount on service through my employer. When I asked the AT&T rep if that discount would be taken off my account he said "no, but it just won't be applied at this time." This, along with other reports, leads me to believe that at some point these discounts will apply...

So I'm holding off.
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