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hotmail on iphone??

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does it work?

if so how? imap pop?
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cmon someones gotta know something

how do i setup hotmail on here? =/
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wont it just work on any full internet phone? It works on my LG Cu500 even though it reformats it into 10 seperate page, and thats only the log in screen. The Cu500 doesnt have flash or java so it think that hotmail should work on the iPhone. Just go the the website. There is no hotmail app, obviosuly.

please tell me if you were refering to syncing the contacts and such or just using hotmail on the phone..
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ya I understand what youre saying but I'm talking about adding an email account to the phone itself not through safari you know..kinda how you had a yahoo or gmail account..so how do I do that for hotmail??
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To do pop email on hotmail you need to use either hotmails own 20 dollar/year service or a third party service. I use www.izymail.com dont remember what I paid but it was less than 20 for a full year.
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