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Apologies if this trick has already been posted, but just figured out something I found useful.

Occasionally, I want to resend an email to a different recipient. This is especially true since we have no BCC ability (yet...).

Here's how to do it:

(1) go to Sent items folder
(2) select the message you want to resend
(3) select the little "move to folder" icon at the bottom of the screen
(4) move it to the "Drafts" folder*
(5) go to the Drafts folder and open the message
(6) edit the recepient(a) and/or body and resend

Sort of a poor man's BCC and copy/paste

*To get the Drafts folder to appear:
(1) compose an email
(2) hit cancel (upper left button)
(3) hit save -- a "Drafts" folder will now be there. It persists even after you delete this message.