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I was browsing Keitai Watch, a Japanese mobile site, and they have their iPhone first impressions up.

The google translated version is here (best mangled translation? Applications become idea contests)

Their biggest complaints are no hole for the cellphone strap and slow data speeds, as well as lacking text entry in Kanji. They wonder if all people are computer literate enough to activate the iPhone. They complain about not being able to set ringtones as well.

On the upside they love the user interface (no manual to learn all the features, unlike other unfamiliar mobiles), and they love being able to walk into the store to buy it and walk back right out again.

Most importantly? They never grow tired of its strange charm . What I find interesting is that the Japanese perspective on it is very similar to that of American reviews which bodes quite well for the Japanese iPhone in the future, assuming it has the localized hardware/software it needs.

Anyway I thought a few people would be interested in it, and if anyone is better at reading Japanese then I (Google, sadly, beats me most of the time) a better translation of some parts would be nice.