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Streaming to your iPhone

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Telekinesis is a Google Web apps that is still in beta testing, but can be downloaded by anyone with an iPhone. Basically it enables streaming content from your home or office computer to where ever you are with your iPhone.


* Stream music and videos from your computer
* Screen capture with mouse click and basic typing support
* Simple iTunes Remote control
* Browse your files
* Run applescript remotely
* iSight image capture
* Easily create and add more apps

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I think this was going to be one of apples apps on a 3g iPhone. It looks great, havnt tried it as im waiting for 3g iPhone, but with this you could store as much music as you want on your computer and then stream it to your iPhone.

Also, what exactly is screen capture? Is it a full streaming video of your computers screen that you can interact with or does it just take a screenshot of the current iPhone screen. I am also wondering about the phrase "... with mouse click and basic typing support"

Can someone who has actually used it please tell me what exactly it does.
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