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So i have been using my external firewire HD to bootup my old macbook info. by restarting my iMac and holding down the option key...i have been doing this for several months now with no problem till today. I first noticed when i booted up my external HD that my iMac HD was not showing up on my desktop. I thought nothing of it at first...but then when i tried restarting my iMac regularly all that showed up on the gray startup screen was a gray file with a "?". I restarted the iMac back up using my external HD to try and repair my iMacs disc but it have me this message:

Verify and Repair disk "disk0s2"
checking HFS Plus volume.
Invalid node structure
Volume check failed.

Error: The underlying task reported failure to exit

1 HFS volume checked
1 volume could not be repaired because of an error

I have also tried repairing the disk using my insallation disk but got the same message.

Any ideas what else to do?