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Iphone patents VS HTC Touch

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Earlier today i found what seems to me like the first real rip off of the iphone multi-touch interface, as whilst the LG Prada looks similar it is in no way comparable. HTC have launched a new phone the rather apt "Touch", http://www.htctouch.com/. What is pretty shocking about the MS based phone is its complete rip off of key functionality and in particular execution of these with touch input. One such example is contact page free scrolling, accelerating in speed with the fingers flick and also the ability to use more than one finger to move images around.

Now im no Apple Zealot but this seems to go against what Steve said when he talked about the Iphone being protected and covered by patents. Surely the HTC Touch is infringing on these key patents and what concerns me is what barrier exists to other 3rd party MS Mobile developers going down a similar route. (What did someone say blatant copy??????)

Obviously MS can stick this rather grotty, grey copy to themselves but should Apple be asserting those patents now before the precident is set?

Smithers.....release the Apple legal team!!!!!!!!!
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I don't think there are barriers to single finger touch. That's been done for years. Even MS has multi-touch patents too - they have been working on this before 2001.

What Apple Patented was a specific use of multi-touch and touch that make the iPhone great all around, not just in a couple of places.
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