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Old "iPod" patent actually for iPhone?

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Forgive me for not doing proper research before posting this, but I'm not even sure where to search.

I recall reading a patent a year or so ago about the use of speach technology to desribe through your headphones information about what was on the screen. With the release of the iPhone, I'm beginning to believe the patent actually refered to a feature intended more for it rather than the iPod.

If you're listening to music on your iPhone that is currently in your pocket, sure you can just click the button on your ear phones to answer it. This doesn't help with caller ID though. You must pull your phone out of your pocket and look at the phone to see the caller. What if your phone used speach technology to tell you who was calling. This is only one example, but I'm sure there's many other useful ways to implement it. Maybe someone can dig up the patent.

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Well, Pocket PC devices have been doing this for years. And so has Parliant's system. So I doubt its for Caller ID.
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