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Frustrating problem

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I love my phone, but one thing is driving me crazy. Does anyone else experience or know how to fix when the phone closes safari in the middle of browsing and then returns to the home screen. This is a major annoyance since I have to then reload the page I was browsing. I think it might do the same thing for the map too, PLEASE HELP.

Also, is the invisible shield worth it?
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dont zoom in or out too fast
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this is an issue for safari on the mac also, i've been experiencing it for months before iphone came out. it's certain types of pages, i've noticed it mainly on forum pages.
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Once it occurs, the problem becomes worse until you perfrom a hard reboot of the phone. I'd recommend turning the phone off completely (Holding home button and top button down simultaneously for 6 seconds) once a day and you should be ok.
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