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I seem to be having an ethernet connection problem with my MBP and I'm wondering if anyone can provide me with some advice.

What I'm running:

MBP 2.2GHz

Just in case, I've also got Vista Business installed on a Bootcamp partition with Parallels pointing to it.

I've been very happy with this machine since getting it in mid-June. I've connected to it to the Web from various places via a direct connection and via wireless without having to do any setting up apart from the odd OKing of a new wireless hotspot. Using the Internet on Vista (Bootcamp or via Parallels) has also been fine. This weekend, I'm suddenly unable to connect using the ethernet port although the wireless works just fine. I notice that the preference settings are indicating that there is no cable connection yet my home DSL connection and work LAN are live (works with my PC).

I've called AppleCare and the guy I talked to seems to want to run me through the instructions that exist on the KB. Good idea in principle - I read the KB entries too but calling my office network guy to reset the LAN is not a reasonable option. Any suggestions? I'm wondering if the ethernet connection is just broken or maybe there is some kind of configuration problem that has come up.

Thanks in advance!