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Using Boot Camp - lost audio - MBP

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Sometime after updating to Boot Camp 1.4, I suddenly started getting errors that my audio is not working properly. I get these errors from applications, like iTunes, for example; but, when I go to the XP Device Manager, it doesn't show any problems.

I've got a MacBook Pro 15" core duo (not 2), Boot Camp 1.4, and Windows XP SP2.

I know I had sound fine with Boot Camp 1.3, but I can't tell you whether the sound loss is actually related to the 1.4 upgrade. I usually have the sound muted anyway, so didn't notice the problem 'til I opened iTunes to look for something. The Sounds and Audio Devices properties under Control Panel say "No Audio Device". The sound is fine when I'm working in OS X, though, so it's only XP giving me the problems (of course, right?

What can I do to fix my audio in Windows?

TIA for any help you can offer!
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Look in XP's device manager for a PCI device with a yellow exclamation point. After my Bootcamp 1.4 install on a MBP there was one yellow marked PCI device. After I clicked on properties and manually repaired this device (telling xp to look for drivers on the mac drivers cd), I was able to re-run the mac drivers cd and the sigmatel and realtek drivers installed properly. Finally, working audio, horray! My MBP is an early model and I've had trouble with the audio drivers every time I've had to reinstall bootcamp.
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Thanks for the response, dalachin! There aren't any yellow exclamation points. Maybe I should just go ahead and re-run the mac drivers cd, though, and see what happens? Everything else seems to be working fine, so I was a little nervous about doing that...
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No yellow exclamation points, Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices says "No Audio Device"...

I re-ran the 1.4 drivers disk; it said everything installed correctly; still "No Audio Device". There are no unknown PCI devices or anything that would give me a clue. And, everything says it's operating correctly.

Under Device Manager/Sound, video and game controllers, it has:
- Audio Codecs
- Legacy Audio Drivers
- Media Control Devices
- SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC
and some video stuff

Am I missing a driver completely???
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I found the answer at:

I was missing the 'Plug and Play Software Device Enumerator' from under 'System devices' in the Device Manager. The above link tells how to install that device. I followed their instructions, and finally got my audio back! No reboot is even necessary. Ah, joy!

This appears to be a common Windows problem, and is not specifically related to the Mac, OS X, or Boot Camp.

- happiness!
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Well, you know, that's why I try to stick to my OS X as much as I can, but sometime, for games mainly, I go back to Windows, which does have its issues, but it has enough advantages to make up for it.
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