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iPhone Activation Frustrations..

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Hey everyone,

Sorry - just venting my frustrations and wanted to see if someone had a similar problem that was resolved.

I was totally excited to buy the iphone yesterday and the Apple Store guy told me all I needed to do was add a data plan to an existing ATT/Cingular plan so I was happy and went home to activate the phone to my horror the following message pops-up:

"Market Down"
" iPhone activations in your area are temporarily unavailable due to routine ATT maintanence. Please disconnect and reconnect it in 30 hours to begin again; you will be required to re-enter your activation information. We apologize for this inconvenience."

I called ATT Wireless tech support and I learned that I can't do anything but wait it out and also hear I might not be able to use my family plan discount on the voice minutes since I have a 25% off the voice minutes for my alotted 1400 minutes...

So far the experience has't been to smooth. On top of that - none of the features can be used until it is activated... meaning no music, video, ect.
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Say hello to unlocking software. You can add a MediaMax 200 plan for $20 if you want edge functionality.
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Originally Posted by wongg6283 View Post

I called ATT Wireless tech support and I learned that I can't do anything but wait

All good things come to those who wait.
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Thanks Duddit - I actually got a bit further and it says the phone should be activating soon, I just need to wait for the email. What sucks is that Apple/ATT aren't taking my business/VAN discount according to iTunes
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